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Commercial data & electrical services

The power of doing it right – data & electrical services for safety-first sectors: education, healthcare, police, transport and pharmaceutical.

Doing a good job isn’t good enough. We do the right job

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You can find plenty of electricians and data engineers out there. How can you be sure who to trust to do the best job?

Here’s why our clients rely on Whitestar over and over again.

  • No quick fixes. Quality and safety come first.
  • People before profits. That means your people as well as ours. You’ll find we’re the good guys of the data and electrical industry.
  • 30+ years of real-world expertise. So whether your business is a university or rail network, we know exactly how to make sure your systems are future-fit.

our services


Whether you’re considering an installation, upgrade, maintenance, inspection or testing, our 30 years of experience means you get peace of mind from decades of real-world expertise.


When your business needs data cabling, you need the job done efficiently, with minimal downtime on your existing networks. It’s a complex process that Whitestar makes simple for you.

case studies

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Hoare Laboratory

Read about how we supported our client Hoare Laboratories with the redesign of the electrical and data infrastructure for a biopharmaceutical company based in Bermondsey, London.

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Hertfordshire Police

Read about how we ensured the Hertfordshire Police network remained functional at all times, with zero downtime, throughout a full headquarters redevelopment project

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University of West London

Read about how we delivered data cabling, CCTV and wireless connectivity for five buildings at the Ealing Campus of the University of West London in just 12 weeks!


Whitestar’s mission

People ahead of profit, we ensure the right work is carried out in the right way every time. No compromise on quality, parts or service – ever.

Why? The right work will transform a business through efficiency, connectivity and competitiveness. It ensures all our clients are fit for the future.

The right solution variety of sectors

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Education Sector

At Whitestar we understand the unique challenges and requirements of the education sector when it comes to electrical infrastructure.

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Healthcare Sector

At Whitestar we recognise the critical role that electrical infrastructure plays in healthcare facilities.

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Police Sector

At Whitestar we understand the critical role that electrical infrastructure plays in supporting the operations of law enforcement.

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Transport Sector

At Whitestar we understand the critical role that electrical infrastructure plays in the transportation industry.