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Now, more than ever, people are aware of making eco-conscious consumer choices. This includes the materials and technologies they use, as well as the businesses they support. 

For this reason, we’ve seen a growing number of electric vehicles (EVs) on UK roads, a trend we expect to see continue well into the future. 

As of April 2022, there are 858,000 plug-in cars in use, a 92% increase since 2020.

Couple this with the government’s recent announcement that they intend to accelerate EV infrastructure, making the installation of charging points for all new homes, offices, and supermarkets mandatory by 2030, it’s no wonder that business owners are weighing up the advantages of early installation. 

There are currently more than 42,000 public charging points in the UK, and this is predicted to rise to 145,000 following the government’s announcement.

Electric vehicles are not a trend, they are part of a communal shift and with the government making their ambitions clear, adapting your premises to support EV infrastructure is becoming essential when looking to ensure the longevity of your business. 

In this article, we’ll run through the business benefits of having electric vehicle charging points installed on your premises. 


A charging point is a unit capable of charging the battery of plug-in electric vehicles. 

Currently, an EV can travel roughly 300 miles before its battery needs recharging. On average, and depending on the speed the driver is travelling at, the battery of an EV holds up to 4-5 hours of charge. 

Roadside EV recovery is not a simple matter. Electric cars that have ‘broken down’ due to flat batteries cannot be towed or pushed, they must be charged. 

Breakdown cover companies such as the RAC and Green Flag do offer flat battery charging, but the miles are limited and will only get a driver so far before they need to find a charging point to fully charge their battery. 

The best way is to avoid these issues completely is by ensuring that EVs are always charged – that’s where you come in!

1. Shift to make your business eco-friendly

Drivers are choosing EVs because they are (currently) the most environmentally responsible option. 

Ecologically minded customers are also likely to make decisions on where they spend their time and money based on how green your business is.  

Having charging points installed at your business premises cements your standpoint on environmental awareness, and proves to customers that you are embracing climate-positive options.

With EVs becoming more and more common, facilitating this choice by offering a charging option ultimately makes you more accessible than you would otherwise be, encouraging more people to visit your business.

2. Increase footfall and customer visit duration. 

Installing charging points on your premises is an effective way to increase visibility of your business, because your location will feature on apps that show drivers a map of charging points, such as Zap-Map or PlugShare.  

Customers are more likely to choose your business as a destination over a competitor if they know they can charge their cars while they are there, choosing to spend their time (and money!) at your store.  

Depending on the size of the car battery and the speed of the charging point, it could take your customers somewhere between 30 minutes to a few hours to charge their electric cars. This extends customer visit time, and more time is more money spent on your business.

3. Improve employee relations 

Considering the statistics for 2022, it is likely that a number of your employees will drive electric cars, if not now, then certainly by 2030. 

The acceleration of EV infrastructure means that ease of transport will eventually become a factor that effects who wants to work for you. 

People aren’t going to apply or work for a job they have daily issues travelling to. Employees want to know that they can drive to work and have enough charge in their cars to make the journey home.

By supporting the EV charging needs of your workforce, you are not limiting the kind of candidate who would consider working for your business, and for employee satisfaction, you could even offer free car charging as an additional employment benefit.

4. Boost profits through EV charging points 

Not only does it improve the visibility and image of your business, but you can also use EV charging points to generate revenue. Once they are installed, you can make a profit from the price each customer pays for the use of your charging points. 

Meaning that when combined with the custom of EV drivers-turned-customers, the installation of charging points can lead to a noticeable increase in income for your business.


When site projects involve electrics, it’s only natural to be concerned about how the installation might affect the overall operation of your business.

At Whitestar Solutions, our EV charging point installation experts swear by dynamic load balance technology, which means that all the capacity in your electrical system can be used for charging, without disrupting the rest of your business. 

This works by balancing the energy usage between your charging points and other electrical sources on your premises, so that vehicles will charge in the most efficient way possible.  

If you have any further questions, or if you’d like to talk to our friendly experts about getting an EV charging point installed on your premises, get in touch with our specialists today.