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At Whitestar Solutions, we believe that bespoke business CCTV systems are an effective way of harnessing information to drive your company forward and provide an enhanced service to clients. A bespoke CCTV system can benefit and enhance your business in multiple ways – it’s not just about keeping assets safe.

Let’s take a closer look at how CCTV security systems for business use automated data capture to provide valuable data insights.

You may already use business CCTV security systems to safeguard your company. Still, there are several key areas that a surveillance system can be utilised to help business performance over time.


You may be astonished to learn how many resources and materials are wasted in your company each day. A fully integrated remotely controlled system can be used to reduce energy consumption by impressive amounts saving you money. Whitestar Solutions offers bespoke systems that could reduce energy consumption by up to 76% and maintenance costs by up to 67%.

Depending on the nature of your business, a bespoke Whitestar Solution is always a possibility. Landfill sites, for example, are now increasingly using bespoke business CCTV systems as a way of improving logistics and reducing error with complex vehicle registration recognition processes. Use an innovative solution to seize back control, save time and costs – more critical than ever in these challenging economic times.


Focussing CCTV cameras on warehouse storage areas or retail display shelves can offer a real-time remote view of re-stocking requirements or shortages wherever you are, even if you are away from the workplace. Visual markers on boxes enable cameras to record and store extremely detailed data about stock levels. You can then send this data to software platforms that can be programmed to inform the purchasing team, or automatically trigger the re-ordering of low stock goods.


Bespoke business CCTV systems are increasingly being used in shops for many reasons apart from security. CCTV footage that offers facial recognition, for example, can be used to track where customers head to when in a retail environment, which has the potential to improve store layout. It is possible, for example, to use data to quickly identify high-spending clients so they can be offered preferential treatment such as tailored offers within the store or excellent customer service. A ceiling camera could be used to track the footfall of shoppers across a shop floor, providing valuable insights into how well people respond to shop layouts or promotional signage.


CCTV not only helps to protect your corporate assets but more importantly, it can help to safeguard the well-being of your staff; the most essential part of your company.


Everyone wants to ensure consistent quality, output and performance are maintained at all costs. However, if there is a slowdown or a quality control issue, CCTV security systems for business can help leaders and managers to quickly identify and areas of weakness and address them appropriately and promptly.


Business security is often seen as an unnecessary expense and eventually implemented as a reactionary measure in response to a crime, rather than installed in a pre-emptive and planned manner. Unfortunately, this can be hugely problematic for many businesses. Burglaries and the theft of sensitive documents can spell ruin for a fledgeling company. Implementing security measures that suit your business should always be a priority, to prevent issues, reduce their impact, and help resolve them. It may also be essential to ensure compliance with legislation, or for the terms and conditions of your insurance.

From fixed CCTV cameras and Pan-Tilt-Zooms to fully integrated, remote systems, we are on hand to explain all possible options, help identify the right solution for your requirements and offer complete equipment demonstration, ensuring you understand capabilities of the product and the optimal security benefits immediately.

If you need to restrict access to authorised personnel, we offer an extensive range of security solutions, from complex networks to standalone single door controllers. There is also the ability to connect more doors to your access control, as well as a replacement key system. Our solutions can be used in all buildings and organisations, large or small. Whitestar Solutions offers the flexibility of access control, with the convenience of managing security over a standard computer network.