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Commercial Audio
Video Installation

Screens are all around us. As patterns shift towards more remote and hybrid working, high-quality AV systems are essential for many businesses.
Commercial systems from experienced AV installers provide tools and technologies to help businesses like yours communicate, collaborate and operate more effectively.

4 reasons why your business needs high-quality commercial AV systems


Better communication with your employees, customers and stakeholders. Tools like videoconferencing and digital signage help you share information and collaborate more easily.

More engaging presentations

Whether you’re making a sales pitch or delivering employee training, commercial audio visual installations help you create higher impact presentations, because of their clear sound and vibrant images. With the right equipment, you make your message more memorable and encourage your audience to stay focused and engaged.

More efficient

By automating routine tasks and streamlining business processes, commercial AV installations free up your time and resources to focus on key priorities. You’re also ready to take advantage of new tech and emerging trends, as you can add components as your business grows.

Improve accessibility for users with disabilities

Don’t overlook the impact that a great AV system can have on your diversity and inclusion policies.

What types of AV installation services should you consider?

AV installation systems range from simple OLED, LCD or projector screen installations, to multi-floor audio visual systems in premier office buildings.

The commercial AV equipment you need will vary depending on your specific goals.

Talk to Whitestar about these audio visual installation services –

  • Interactive projectors and flat panels
  • Meeting room and collaboration tools
  • Video conferencing systems
  • Video walls
  • Digital displays and signage
  • Integrated audio systems
  • Integrated intercom systems

Before you start: key questions for AV installation companies

Is your AV installer experienced in my industry or sector?

At Whitestar, we take great pride in delivering tailored audio visual installation solutions to a wide range of industries and sectors, including education, sport, commercial, transport and the public sector.

Can your installer tailor the system exactly for my business?

Whitestar works with you from the outset to understand your unique AV needs, before specifying the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution.

How much experience do the installers have?

Experienced engineers carry out all our AV installation services. Their technical know-how means they install and configure the system correctly, with minimal downtime for your business.

Will my system be tested?

We test every audio visual system fully, so it lasts as long as possible. This gives you peace of mind, as you reduce the risk of future downtime and protect your investment.

Commercial AV systems in the education sector

Whitestar is a specialist in the education sector.

The most efficient audio visual installation ensures every teacher, lecturer or tutor has exactly the right tools for the job. That might include entire school sound systems or individual classroom audio systems.

It’s not just about hearing the teacher clearly (although obviously that’s vital).

There’s no doubt that the right AV set-up can boost learning and academic achievement.

Interactive learning is more engaging for students

  • It enriches student experience, because the class can watch quick video clips and explanations that reinforce learning.
  • It can improve behaviour in the classroom, as students are more actively involved.
  • It boosts student concentration and achievement.

Interactive learning helps teachers do the best job

  • Teachers can deliver virtual lessons when needed.
  • They can project their voice and ideas more strongly, so everyone in the class can hear clearly.
  • Teachers can free-up valuable time by using pre-recorded lessons.
  • It’s a useful tool for staff performance reviews, as a discreet camera is less off-putting than being assessed than a person in the classroom.

Next step

Whitestar project managers do a commitment-free site survey to assess your existing network infrastructure.

Once our commercial data cable installers have identified any problems you face, we give you a detailed, tailored solution and quote to fix them.