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Commercial CCTV

Bespoke commercial CCTV systems can boost your business in many ways. Keeping your assets safe is the obvious perk, but it’s not the only one.

If you’re looking for CCTV installation in Hemel Hempstead, contact Whitestar

7 business boosts from commercial CCTV installation

  • Reduce waste and energy consumption by up to 76%.
  • Save up to 67% on maintenance costs.
  • Monitor stock levels in-store or the warehouse. You can also automate the re-ordering process.
  • Get insight on footfall and customer behaviour, so you can boost sales with improved store layout or signage.
  • Keep employees safe by checking they follow health and safety guidance.
  • Keep your business secure 24 hours a day, by deterring criminals and helping you comply with insurance terms and legislation.
  • Restrict access to unauthorised people through access control.
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3 things to look for in a professional CCTV installer

If your business is looking for an expert commercial CCTV installer, bear these 3 key points in mind –


Does your CCTV installer have a proven track record in commercial CCTV? Can they provide references from satisfied clients?


Is your installer accredited by industry associations? Any reputable CCTV installer will display these on their website and premises.

Customer support and professionalism

Is excellent customer service obvious from the start of your discussions? Does your CCTV installer communicate promptly, turn up reliably and show good attention to detail?

Whitestar provides CCTV installation in Hemel Hempstead and the rest of the UK. We are accredited experts who meet all these important checks.

CCTV towers for your business: FAQs

What is a CCTV tower?

A CCTV tower provides 360-degree security coverage over large outdoor areas. Multiple cameras are mounted on a tall structure. They are monitored and controlled remotely, and can usually offer motion detection, night vision and pan/tilt.

What is a mobile CCTV tower?

A mobile CCTV tower is similar to the fixed tower described above, but in this case it is portable. We mount it on a movable trailer or vehicle, so you can relocate it easily. Like the fixed tower, it has multiple cameras and is ideal for remote or temporary outdoor locations where you need 24-hour security.

3 reasons why your business might benefit from a CCTV tower

Better security and visibility

CCTV towers cover a wide area and give you clear views of any security issues.

Remote monitoring

As they’re connected by WIFI, you can monitor a CCTV tower without needing to be present at the location.


You can relocate a mobile CCTV tower to the location where it’s needed most.

Contact Whitestar in Hemel Hempstead for advice on which type of CCTV tower will work best for your security.

Access control services: CCTV installation in Hemel Hempstead

If safety and security is a priority for your business, access control systems are an efficient way to prevent unauthorised people from entering your premises. Whether you’re protecting sensitive information or valuable equipment, access control is one type of commercial CCTV you should consider.

Access control services are typically used in industries like education, healthcare and retail (all sectors within Whitestar’s years of expertise).

Schools and universities use our access control systems to secure their buildings and keep their employees and students safe.

Access control keeps medical records and equipment safe in the healthcare sector, and protects patient confidentiality.

And in the retail sector, these systems control employee access and prevent theft.

Whitestar can guide your business through the options available – from standalone, single-door controllers to complex access control networks.

Can Whitestar offer CCTV
near me?

Whitestar’s headquarters is in Hemel Hempstead.

However, we work across the country. You’re welcome to get in touch with your commercial CCTV questions, wherever your location is in the UK.