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Whatever electrical installation service you’re considering right now – upgrade, maintenance, inspection or testing – our 30 years of experience gives you peace of mind.

Based in Hemel Hempstead, Whitestar is the good guy of the industry

Our expertise comes from decades of real-world experience as commercial electrical contractors.

We don’t only provide our commercial electrical services near our hometown of Hemel Hempstead. Our expert engineers work across the UK in various larger projects.

Whitestar’s full range of commercial electrical services

As expert suppliers of commercial electrical services, Whitestar offers your business a full range of options, including these 5 main services –

  • New electrical installation services
  • Upgrades to your existing electrical system, including full building rewiring
  • Electrical testing and inspection
  • Electrical compliance
  • Electrical maintenance
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What type of commercial electrical services are most requested?

Commercial electrical contractors like Whitestar are most frequently asked to provide new electrical installation services, electrical testing and inspection.

Whitestar can also provide other useful services on a smaller scale, including –

  • Electrical condition reports
  • Emergency lighting and testing
  • PAT Services (Portable Appliance Testing)

Let’s look at our 5 main commercial electrical services in more detail

Electrical installation service

As expert UK commercial electrical contractors, installations are a key part of our service.

Our main area of expertise is with safety-first sectors like education, healthcare, office and retail. Whether your organisation is a school, college, university, hospital, office or shop, Whitestar can plan and carry out a complete new electrical installation service at your premises.

Our business values are reassuringly open. We will answer your queries honestly during your installation project. For now, you should know this –

  • You will get clear costs and timelines for the services you need.
  • You can see case studies of previous work and reassuring client references.
  • Installers have years of expertise and know-how. Our work is accredited by the relevant industry bodies.
  • Installation materials and equipment will be reliable and good quality.

Talk to Whitestar about our electrical installation service. We’re sure to have experience with the type of project you’re tackling.

Upgrades to your existing commercial electrical system

We often find that electrical testing and inspection leads to upgrades to an existing commercial electrical system.

Whitestar upgrades your premises with minimal downtime. We have experience working with listed or historically important buildings. We ensure you comply with all relevant regulations. Our eye for detail saves you time and money in the long term, as you reduce the change of major electrical issues.

Electrical testing and inspection (EICR)

Every electrical installation deteriorates over time with use. Your business is responsible for maintaining and testing your electrical systems, so that users’ safety is not at risk.

Whitestar offers a full range of electrical testing and inspection services. Both are essential for your business safety. A large volume of our electrical testing and inspection service is carried out in or near our location in Hemel Hempstead.

Whitestar recommends you carry out consistent regular checks as well as the ones required by legislation. In our years of experience, small, regular fixes are far less costly than a major issue.

What is an EICR?

An EICR is an Electrical Installation Condition Report. It’s a mandatory safety requirement. Whitestar can ensure you comply, by carrying out several stages of testing and a close inspection of your building’s electrical system and wiring.

Usually, an EICR is required every 5 years.

What’s the difference between electrical testing & electrical inspection?

In general, inspection happens before testing, although the two services are linked. Testing and inspection both follow a fixed process and procedure.

Electrical inspection

Sometimes a visual inspection alerts us that work is needed. Among other checks, an electrical inspection will highlight if there are any safety risks, such as shock, damage or fire hazard. Our engineers can identify any existing faulty or outdated installations. We can confirm that installations comply with relevant standards.

Electrical testing

Electrical testing requires specialist equipment and is done in a specific order. Regular testing saves money in the longer term, as it helps discover problems before they happen.

Electrical compliance

Whitestar can help you follow all the latest legislation, regulations and standards dealing with electrical compliance. By law, all electrical equipment and installations must be regularly maintained.

It’s a complex area and no business wants to fall foul of the regulations. Failure to comply with your responsibilities can lead to significant fines.

Electrical maintenance

The key to saving time and money on electrical compliance is to set up a robust, well-organised maintenance programme.

No electrical system is immune from occasional defects. Keeping your systems well-maintained means that together we can spot any minor issues before they become major ones.

If your business is local to Whitestar, we can provide efficient electrical installation and inspection in Hemel Hempstead.

Likewise, if you’re based in another part of the UK, please get in touch, as our engineers can travel to your location if needed.

Next step

Whitestar project managers do a commitment-free site survey to assess your existing network infrastructure.

Once our commercial data cable installers have identified any problems you face, we give you a detailed, tailored solution and quote to fix them.