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As the good guys of the electrical industry, we are passionate about sustainability and energy efficiency. Eco-friendly systems in your business bring multiple benefits, not only reducing your organisations’ environmental impact, but also cutting operational costs. In this blog we are going to draw upon our years of experience as commercial electricians to look at the main energy-efficient solutions you could employ in your commercial spaces.

Why do we need Energy Efficiency in Commercial Spaces?

Businesses are notorious for consuming high quantities of energy, with extensive lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning often running 24-7. The cost implications of such high consumption are massive, and, in challenging financial times, it is more important than ever that businesses explore the most cost effective options.

On top of this, with net-zero targets on the horizon, there will be more regulatory requirements for business to adopt green practices. Last, but by no means least, with growing environmental concerns, adopting more sustainable solutions aligns with an organisation’s corporate social responsibility.

So how can Commercial Spaces be more Energy Efficient?

LED Lighting

One change that will have a significant impact on an organisation’s sustainability is switching to LED lighting. Traditional lighting consumes a lot of energy and also has a short lifespan. By switching to LED, you will find that your lighting consumes less energy and also lasts a lot longer. A qualified commercial electrician can assess your current lighting set-up, recommend suitable LED replacements, and install the new lighting to improve efficiency and sustainability.

Smart Buildings

Smart buildings incorporate various technologies such as smart thermostats, occupancy sensors and timers to revolutionise energy management in commercial premises. The automation systems can regulate light, heat and air conditioning systems based on real-time occupancy, reducing energy wastage and cutting costs. A commercial electrician can recommend the right system, install, and configure the system to integrate with your existing infrastructure and maintain it to ensure a long and efficient lifespan.

HVAC Systems

The heating and cooling of commercial spaces constitutes a large proportion of an organisation’s energy usage. Modern HVAC systems include advanced controls and zoning capabilities, allowing for precise temperature regulation which leads to significant cost savings and prevents unnecessary energy use. An experienced commercial electrician can evaluate a commercial premises’ HVAC needs, recommend, and install the right system for the space and maintain it over time to ensure continued efficient operation.

Renewable Energy

Harnessing renewable energy sources such as solar power reduces a business’ reliability on conventional power sources. With the rising energy costs this can create significant savings. Commercial electricians with expertise in renewable energy can evaluate the feasibility of these energy sources for your business, based on factors including location, energy requirements and available space.

Regular Maintenance

It sounds simplistic, but just by adhering to a regular maintenance program of your existing equipment and systems you can improve energy efficiency. A planned preventative maintenance program delivered by a qualified commercial electrician can identify potential energy inefficiencies, prevent breakdowns, extend the lifespan of equipment, and optimise energy usage.

From upgrading lighting systems to implementing smart technology and renewable energy, if your organisation is looking to be more sustainable and cost-effective then partnering with an experienced commercial electrician is the way to go. Embracing energy efficient solutions will not just save you money, but also establish a positive brand image.

Talk to us today about how you can start your journey towards more energy efficient commercial spaces in your organisation.

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