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Hertfordshire Police

Public Sector

About This Project

Whitestar have worked closely with the Hertfordshire Constabulary for 15 years, providing ongoing technical electrical and data cabling support.
Whitestar have worked closely with the Hertfordshire Constabulary for 15 years, providing ongoing technical electrical and data cabling support.

The project


  • Evaluation of Catch22 private network services
  • 9 underground duct inspections support unit building


The Hertfordshire Constabulary is the territorial police force responsible for policing the county of Hertfordshire. Consisting of 21 stations and countless buildings, maintaining consistent, high-speed network connectivity is paramount.

Whitestar’s attention to detail and diligent service has ensured that the Hertfordshire police network has remained functional at all times, with zero downtime, throughout a full headquarters redevelopment project.


When in the initial planning stages for a headquarters redevelopment (looking to demolish buildings, build new ones etc.), the constabulary were unsure whether their IT services would be affected during the process.

There were distinct concerns that ducts and cables would be improperly linked, or would be damaged in the building/demolition process. Should issues arise here, there would be no IT services to the new building, and service in existing buildings could be impacted.

For a modern police force, any downtime is unacceptable. That’s why Whitestar were called in to support.


Our experts conducted a comprehensive survey of existing ducts that were due to be removed. This was done in order to check whether the cables within needed to be retained, re-routed or replaced.

As the work was done on a building site, there was little access to technical hardware or other preinstalled services, meaning our engineers needed to manually work through the C numbers of manhole covers, physically tracing cables from termination points in buildings through ducts and manholes.

By carefully tagging and organising cables, we produced an in-depth technical survey which informed exactly which cables could be installed, and where they needed to be positioned. We were also asked to provide quotations for the replacement of any connected wires. Our report consisted of:

  • Carefully documented schematics indicating the contents of the building’s chambers.
  • Comprehensive, fully tagged cabling systems.
  • An updated site plan.
  • Photos of each manhole for visual reference.


As the constabulary’s trusted supplier, our engineers had a thorough understanding and prior knowledge of the site and buildings, allowing us to quickly turn around the report, leading to rapid proposals for the re-routing and replacement of affected cables.

Following the report, we provided a tailored structured cabling service, assisting with the installation and making sure that the cabling was in the best possible condition ready for the new HQ to open.

Throughout the process, we ensured that there were zero disruptions to the client’s processes – their network remained functional the entire time.

“Whitestar have always met our requirements, without fail. When we started our HQ renovation project, we knew that we could rely on John and the team to keep our network running. Whenever we need anything data or electrical, Whitestar are our first port of call.”

– Hertfordshire Police


Whether you’re looking for data cabling/electrical support, or you’ve got questions that you need answering, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts at Whitestar.

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