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A classroom is intended to be a place where pupils can be educated and can intellectually develop. Ensuring the right tools and processes are available to teachers is vital to providing a high-quality experience to students of all ages.

As in all industries and sectors around the world, technology has a major impact on traditional working methods and the way organisations operate, and the field of education is no exception.

Research has shown a positive and direct correlation between the provision of AV (audiovisual) features in classrooms and boosted academic achievement for students at different levels.


Smart AV solutions can be used to create an engaging and interactive setting for student learning while endowing teachers with the features they require to add depth to their lessons and enable students to achieve more academically.

There are many ways that installing audio and video technology can help students and teachers at your educational institution, including:

  • Improved behaviour during tasks and concentration
  • Reduction of vocal fatigue of teachers
  • Increased student participation
  • Improvements in student behaviour
  • Reduction in the number of distracted students


Smart AV solutions used in classrooms vary according to the specific needs of your educational setting, but school sound systems are widely sought after and used.

Classroom audio systems are intended to enrich the classroom learning environment by allowing all pupils to clearly hear the teacher during lessons, students during university lectures, audio while watching films and more.

Many studies support the great importance of audio enhancement for the modern classroom, showing results such as:

  • School skills test scores improved in reading, math and science
  • A 34-year study found significant improvement in student achievement for a group of students in KS2
  • Speech comprehension scores are higher under conditions where amplification is present in primary school students


At the same time, the installation of video in classrooms has been shown to significantly improve the learning strategies used by teachers, leading to a more interactive and engaging experience for students.

What are the actual benefits of video cameras in the classroom for teachers?

Apart from the well-known advantages of increased safety for staff and pupils, video technology in the classroom offers numerous benefits. Staff can benefit from peer to peer observation of recorded lessons for invaluable performance review, resulting in less pressure for the teachers as well as greater flexibility for those doing the evaluation. New teachers can watch recorded lessons of more experienced teachers and pick up ideas and techniques. Teachers at all levels tend to feel more relaxed and confident with a discreet camera in the background as opposed to the presence of an evaluator.

During a pandemic, with the ever-present threat of more lockdowns looming and affecting the education of millions of pupils, it has never been more important to have remote access and the means to record and deliver virtual lessons. Strong audio and visual solutions are essential to ensure each member of staff is able to teach in all circumstances and this is where the support of an experienced organisation such as Whitestar is invaluable.


If you want to access the many benefits that smart AV solutions can bring to your educational institution, look no further than Whitestar. With our expert knowledge of custom AV solutions, we can implement and manage the latest classroom technology, enabling your organisation to focus on what matters most – educating your students.

By becoming your partner in determining which AV solutions are best for your school’s unique needs, we’ll enable the staff at your school to be fully equipped with the tools they need to be successful.


  • Interactive projectors and flat panels
  • Digital displays
  • Meeting rooms and collaboration tools
  • Fully integrated audio systems
  • Video walls
  • Integrated intercom systems

For more information about the custom AV solutions that we can offer, get in touch with a member of our team today. Give us a call on 01442 234808 or contact us here.