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Here at Whitestar Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing clients with the latest connectivity solutions that modern technology has to offer. From integrated data cabling systems through to high-tech CCTV systems, our solutions can all work together to enhance your business in a multitude of ways.

How can connectivity enhance your business? Take a look below to see just some of the ways that these modern solutions can benefit your business.


We understand the pressures that businesses face these days and the need for smooth, fast and reliable connections. Whether it’s fast and reliable internet connections which won’t let the team down, or a clear phone connection which sounds professional and doesn’t disturb important calls with incessant crackling and bad connections – in the modern business environment, having great connectivity is everything.

Through the use of features such as modern fibre-optic technology, businesses can hugely increase their productivity. This is in part due to the increased speed that fibre-optic connectivity offers, with options available that range from 5 Mbps through to 100 Gbps. With such flexibility and so many options available, there really is a solution for everybody, which will mean employees can get on with the task at hand without worrying about slow internet connections inhibiting productivity.


Whilst connectivity can help to enhance the work produced in your business, it also features many other benefits including increased security on your premises. At Whitestar Solutions, we are proud to provide a range of modern CCTV systems which feature all of the latest technology. These bespoke systems are tailored to suit the needs of each individual premises, designed to deter criminals and keep your business safe.

Whether you are looking for fixed cameras or a fully integrated, remote-controlled system, there are a variety of options available which will enable you to maximise your security. With groundbreaking features such as cloud-based storage and remote viewing, this use of modern connectivity can enable you to maximise your security.


Modern fibre internet connectivity has proven to be much more reliable than traditional copper connections, partially due to the fact that fibre is much stronger than copper. Another benefit is that, unlike copper, fibre-optic internet connections are not susceptible to challenging weather conditions, which could cause devastating downtime. With more businesses relying heavily on connectivity, any kind of downtime can be costly and so a reliable internet connection is absolutely crucial.

Whether you are working remotely and need to connect seamlessly with your team, require access to cloud-based software to share and collaborate on client documents, or are in need of a fast internet connection to process data – reliability really is vital.

Not only does fibre-optic connectivity offer you reliability, but working with a reputable connectivity company can help you to ensure that you only have the most suitable data cabling and connectivity systems put into place. Here at Whitestar, all of our products are built to last, offering you reliable systems throughout your premises which will withstand the test of time.


We have already noted that increased connectivity can enhance productivity and speed within your business, but we haven’t looked at the financial implications that connectivity, or a lack of it, can have on your business.

In business, it’s often said that ‘time is money’ and this is, unfortunately, true. In the same way that increasing your speed and productivity can boost your business, offering you a more efficient way of working, it can also allow you to make more money. The more productive a business is, the more work that can be done in a day.

On the other hand, unreliable internet connectivity, interrupted phone calls and other connectivity problems can cause you to experience downtime. Stop-start connectivity can not only slow down the physical process, but also interrupt the ‘flow’ and leave employees feeling exasperated. All of these things lead to work being done more slowly, can often be the cause of mistakes, and ultimately ends in a loss of earnings. Every minute lost due to unreliable connectivity is money not earned and, over a period of time, this can add up to a significant figure.


Keen to learn more about how increased connectivity can help to boost your business? Get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss which of our solutions might help your business.


Traditional copper cable connections are often sensitive to any electromagnetic interference, which explains those bygone days of experiencing internet issues due to local interference, more often than not being the use of heavy machinery. Construction work goes on all around us and we need internet connections which can withstand this interruption. Thankfully, fibre optic internet signals do not suffer in the same way, offering you seamless connectivity with very little interference.


Many of us are now embracing the ‘work from home’ life, but even beyond that, businesses rely more and more on video conferencing tools to communicate throughout the working day. Whether it’s a client meeting, internal training, marketing or sales; video meetings are becoming the new normal.

Low quality, broken video which lags and is frequently interrupted will not provide the professional appearance you desire. Having a reliable, high-quality internet connection is essential. With fibre-optic technology, you will be best placed to communicate with others across the world.