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IT infrastructure. It’s something we don’t give much thought to – until it goes wrong.

Data cablingwireless networking and electrical installation is more important than we realise. A business can only grow and evolve if its infrastructure does too. However, tackling a data or electrical installation project is not for the faint-hearted. Even just a small section of poor cabling could render some software unusable.

Ensuring that your infrastructure is reliable and secure is essential to your business’ productivity, sustainability and scalability.

Taking shortcuts simply isn’t an option.


There’s more to digital transformation than the cloud. It means adapting your business – and its infrastructure – to boost efficiency and stay competitive.

Every stage of an infrastructure project is crucial. From design through to deployment and ongoing maintenance, you need a network installation team you can trust. This is where Whitestar Solutions comes in.

Contrary to what you may think, we never carry out a project by simply ticking boxes. Instead, we offer a consultative service involving our clients from the word ‘go’.

We’ll take the time to listen to your requirements, get to know your business and the people in it, and make sure we create a solution that is easily scalable for future business growth. We’ll always listen, understand and accommodate your requests, but we’ll also challenge when necessary, giving our expert opinion on what solutions will work best for your business.

We know you’re looking for the most efficient and compliant solution available and we’re here to make sure that’s what’s deployed – to the highest standard.


It’s time for businesses to stop thinking about their IT infrastructure as their ‘plumbing’. It’s a living, evolving part of business success that deserves your full attention.

Working with a partner that will own the whole process from start to finish is key to understanding an infrastructure project.

Here are the key stages you can expect with Whitestar as your partner:

– Site surveyAlmost all commercial data cabling, networking or electrical installation projects start with a commitment-free site survey. By visiting the site, we can work out your exact requirements and provide you with a detailed specification and quote.

– Identifying pain points and problems: IT infrastructure is notoriously complex and there will generally be a number of challenges along the way. But by identifying as many pain points and potential issues early on, we can ensure the project runs as smoothly as possible.

– Dedicated account manager: Every infrastructure project comes with its share of stakeholders – cue a number of pressures and challenges. But with a dedicated account manager on hand to answer queries, provide a single point of contact and offer their expertise and experience, these pressures can be dealt with quickly and effectively. At Whitestar, there’s no such thing as a bog-standard sales rep. Just experts offering smart, insightful advice.

– Project deployment and installation using trusted manufacturers: An effective cabling solution requires a smart design to keep costs low, performance high, and the flexibility to grow and evolve over time. Our in-house qualified network infrastructure design teams create intelligent, versatile, expandable, cost-effective systems to keep your company’s network safe and secure.

– Professional and certified testing procedures: At Whitestar, we test and certify all our installations to the latest industry standards. At the end of a project, we share those test results with you to enable ongoing maintenance.

– Robust maintenance: A Whitestar installation project doesn’t end once the solution has been deployed. Aftercare and post-project customer service are part of what we do. By adopting the Planned Preventative Maintenance Programme, maintenance tasks are scheduled ahead of time and on a regular basis to ensure quality isn’t lost.

To find out how Whitestar can help your project from design to deployment and beyond, get in touch with our team today.