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If you work in a safety-first industry (education, hospitals, offices and retail), you need to know that your electrical projects meet the highest standards.

If you make sure you do the right work at the right time, your business can face the future and thrive. That’s where Whitestar can help.

Why Whitestar?

Only qualified engineers, up-to-date with the latest regulations and standards, so you get peace of mind that no health and safety issues will hold you back.
  • Open and honest communication, so you’re never left wondering what happens next.
  • Long-term planning, so you can meet your sustainability expectations.

Safe & reliable

We check and triple check, to make sure you comply with all industry regulations and best practice.
  • We keep your people safe, whether they are students, employees, customers or patients.
  • We make your life easier, by keeping downtime and disruption to a minimum.
  • We can help reduce your carbon footprint.


Whether you have one or many buildings, we aim to keep staff, students and visitors moving safely round your campus during your project. While you’re open as usual, learning disruption is minimal.

When the University of West London redeveloped its Ealing campus (new build and refurbishment), it trusted Whitestar. We delivered the project in 12 weeks, with staff and students still on site.

We identify and fix electrical issues before they cause incidents. 

London Business School was impressed by our electrical testing, maintenance and certification across its 26 buildings. LBS hasn’t had a single electrical incident in five years since then. They were impressed enough to renew our contract and trust us with the complete electrical renovation of another building on its main campus. 

Talk to us about the education sector’s complex laws and requirements. We will make sure you get the most compliant system on the market.


No doubt at the top of your mind is continuity of care for the people you serve. We can help keep patients, visitors and staff safe during your project.

Maybe you have more than one building? Certainly you’ll have multiple power systems, from normal to emergency power. In spite of this complicated backdrop, we understand how important it is to keep disruption to a minimum. That’s because you need to make sure that care is not compromised.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and on always doing the right thing. That might mean showing up in the middle of the night at a hospital project, or going above and beyond to find long-term, sustainable solutions to your problems.

We’ll do that for you, because it’s the right thing to do.

Talk to us about safety and continuity of care during your electrical project.


As an employer, you’re responsible for controlling risk and preventing electrical incidents in your office buildings.

As well as that major responsibility, you also need to keep productivity high and interruptions to office life low. That means minimal downtime on your existing electrics while we get the job done.

We delivered a prestigious refurbishment at Baskerville House in Birmingham in just 12 weeks. Now the offices in this 1930s building have upgraded BREEAM standards. 

Talk to us about your unique office space and how to maintain staff productivity during an electrical upgrade.


Whether you operate one store or many, your retail environment is all about looking after your customers. No-one wants to downgrade or disrupt their customer experience during an electrical project.

It’s not just about safety, although obviously that’s crucial. 

It’s also about keeping your store operating efficiently without disrupting sales. Any electrical upgrade should avoid having a knock-on effect on retail profits.

Talk to us about how to uphold customer experience during your electrical project.

The power of doing it right

You’ve found the right place if your business sector is education, hospitals, offices or retail and you need reliable, compliant electrical solutions. Let’s work together to make your space future-fit.