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Project Name

Stratford School Academy


About This Project

Whitestar were contracted to provide design and installation for the structured data cabling at Hello Fresh’s new 400,000 Sq. Ft Production & Distribution Facility in Derby.
Whitestar were contracted to install LED lighting across two Stratford School Academy sites in central London.

The project


  • Start Panels

  • Start Highbays

  • Start Downlights

  • LED Tubes

  • Start Surface Luminaires


Stratford School Academy is located in Newham in central London. The school aims to provide an inspirational learning experience for its students regardless of their starting point or circumstance.

Stratford School Academy were aware that fluorescent lamps were being phased out, so they knew they would have to replace their current lighting. They were also keen to understand how they could reduce their energy consumption both from a sustainability and an economic point of view.

After investigating the potential energy and financial savings they decided to proceed with the upgrade to LED Lighting from Sylvania Lighting. One of the main caveats of the project was that the light levels needed to be within the CIBSE guidelines.

In the entrance areas we fitted Start Highbays around a large skylight to improve the first impression visitors get when they enter the school. In the classrooms we installed Start Panels and LED Tubes to significantly improve the light quality for teachers and students. In the changing rooms we added Start Downlights and installed Start Surface Luminaires in outside areas.

The new, highly efficient Sylvania Lighting system will save Stratford School Academy 223,135kWh and 61.665 tonnes of carbon, plus the lighting has a much longer lifespan and will require less maintenance too.

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