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Here at Whitestar we put people first, not profits. People are at the heart of every organisation, the people that work in the business, the customers, visitors, students, patients etc. Ensuring the safety of all these people is paramount.


Electrical appliances play a pivotal role in the day-to-day running of all organisations from offices and shops to schools and hospitals, and a malfunction in those electrical appliances can pose a serious risk to the safety of the people involved. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of your workplace and your business.


What is a Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)?


Well, as the name suggests, it is the testing of any appliance which is portable – this means it can be unplugged and moved from one power supply to another. The size of the appliance is not relevant – even a large piece of equipment could be ‘portable’ if it can be unplugged. Portable appliances could include IT equipment such as computers, printers and scanners, kitchen equipment such as microwaves and kettles and more specialised items such as medical or scientific equipment.


The PAT is a comprehensive test carried out by a qualified electrician. We inspect, test and certify the electrical appliances to ensure they meet safety standards.



The Law


Portable Appliance Testing is not a legal requirement, but you do need an effective method to ensure the safety of your equipment because there are a range of electrical safety obligations that are part of the Health & Safety at Work Act. Regular PAT inspections not only help comply with your legal obligations, but also demonstrate a commitment to the safety of everyone working or interacting with your organisation.


Identifying Hazards


The main goal of PAT is to identify and rectify potential electrical hazards before they become a problem. Some common issues that we find include faulty wiring, damaged plugs, and frayed cables. If not dealt with these can lead to electrical fires, electric shocks, or damage to equipment. In the worst-case scenarios, relatively minor issues can cause serious injury and even loss of life. Through regular testing we can pinpoint any issues and correct them before problems occur.


Preventing Downtime


The failure of electrical equipment in a business can cause unplanned downtime, which can have financial as well as brand loyalty implications. Regular PAT inspections ensure that potential issues can be detected and rectified during planned closures. This proactive approach ensures business continuity and can save money in the long term.


Increasing Equipment Lifespan


Well maintained electrical appliances will have a longer lifespan. By identifying issues quickly and efficiently, regular PAT inspections and repairs will prevent wear and tear which could lead to appliances needing to be replaced sooner.


Here at Whitestar we have witnessed first-hand, time and time again the benefits of regular portable appliance testing by knowledgeable and qualified commercial electricians on workplace safety. Beyond complying with Heath & Safety regulations, PAT serves as a proactive measure to identify and rectify potentials hazards, saving money and lives.


If you are looking for Portable Appliance Testing for your organisation, get in touch today to find out how we can support you.

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