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Voice Systems

Voice systems let your business make secure, cost-efficient calls through your internet provider’s data connection, rather than through your landline or mobile provider.

It’s how to future-proof your business communications

Your VoIP phone system delivers digital calls, rather than the old-style analogue type. Efficient VoIP commercial phone systems support all your one-to-one communications, internet broadband and conference calls.

Why install a VoIP commercial phone system at your business?

It’s simple. A business VoIP phone system improves communication with your employees, clients and customers.

VoIP installations grew in popularity with remote working and are now critical for any modern, flexible workplace. Without a VoIP commercial phone system, your business is not ripe to grow. If your current system is still analogue, you must replace it with a VoIP system by 2025. That’s when BT Openreach plans to switch off analogue telephone services.

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What does VoIP stand for?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.

If you’re familiar with communicating through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Ring Central, then you already rely on VoIP to some extent.

What’s the problem with analogue phone systems?

Out-of-date, inefficient analogue phone systems can cause missed or dropped calls, meaning lost sales or poor customer service. That’s because traditional, analogue systems rely on complex (sometimes unreliable) physical cabling networks, such as overhead phone lines.

Call charges from traditional phone lines are also more expensive than modern, efficient voice systems. With an improved VoIP phone system, you can offset installation investment against reduced running costs.

Does your business need a VoIP commercial phone system?

Every forward-thinking company needs an efficient business VoIP phone system urgently.

Whitestar has expertise in several industry sectors, like education and healthcare, where reliable, secure communication is a must-have.

The education sector needs a VoIP phone system for classes, team meetings and lectures. Why? Because a growing number of employees and students work off-campus or from buildings in different locations.

It’s a similar story for the hospital sector (another one of Whitestar’s specialist areas). Busy employees who work at different sites or in various specialisms need to make secure, efficient group calls.

Meanwhile, local businesses focused on excellent customer service, or with employees and clients working remotely, need ways to communicate that involve more than one team. A business VoIP system can support higher call volume as you grow.

How to plan commercial VoIP Phone system installation

Whitestar’s expert team of engineers and telecoms installers will take care of your commercial VoIP installation from start to finish.

Careful voice system planning is crucial when you upgrade your business phone systems. After all, you want minimal disruption during your VoIP installation.

You also must be sure that your data connection is strong enough to support your new business VoIP phone system. Any excellent VoIP system needs a reliable, fast internet connection.

It’s not just about the speed and service that your internet provider promises. The standard of your new cabling system plays a crucial part too. After all, the power of the signal is only as good as the cabling that connects the system together.

Without that reassurance and security from experienced commercial telecoms installers, your call quality may drop.

By choosing expert telecoms installers like Whitestar, you minimise the risk of poor sound or frozen speakers.

General call set-up

Voice calls are only the start of what VoIP provides for your business. What sets VoIP apart from outdated phone lines is the opportunity to connect and collaborate with all your stakeholders quickly.

You can work in real-time together from different locations. Or you can share large documents, including videos and images.

Internet & broadband

VoIP is ultra-portable, so it’s perfect for remote or hybrid working. Your employees don’t need to be on-site to use it. In fact, wherever they’re located, you can link them into an online meeting or call with some simple hardware. All they need is internet access.

VoIP helps your business become more sustainable, by cutting down, or even eliminating, your team’s commute to work.

Some Whitestar clients even cut overheads by downsizing their office space after their VoIP installation.

Conference calls

VoIP systems accommodate all kinds of virtual meetings with employees and clients, from quick stand-ups to in-depth discussions.

You can even host a virtual conference, with hundreds of participants.

How to choose commercial telecoms installers

Whether your set-up is simple or complex, any tailored VoIP installation from Whitestar offers you these options –
  • VoIP business phones and cloud technology
  • General telephone line and call set-up
  • Broadband and internet, including high-speed internet cabling
  • Conference calls
  • VoIP hardware and device installation

Next step

Whitestar project managers do a commitment-free site survey to assess your existing network infrastructure.

Once our commercial data cable installers have identified any problems you face, we give you a detailed, tailored solution and quote to fix them.