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When you experience a juddering connection with lagging Zoom meetings and a painfully slow connection, the first thing you look at is the Wi-Fi icon in the corner of the screen. However, if you want to improve your business network connectivity, there is more to look at than your signal. And if the little Wi-Fi icon is displaying four or five bars of green, you may wonder what next step to take. It may be time to update your Wi-Fi system.

The traditional coverage approach of investigating Wi-Fi signal issues may be appropriate in the home, but in a modern workplace with more than fifty employees, each of who may be connected with two or three devices, signal strength is of much less importance. The local network is being asked to cope with far much more usage than when it was first set up. It’s time to look at the latest business connectivity services.


There are several things you can do to boost connectivity. With a Wi-Fi repeater, for example, you can recover the Wi-Fi signal from your router and broadcast it in a poorly covered area of your workplace. Apart from the power supply, there is no need for any additional cables as Wi-Fi repeaters work by finding the signal from the router and simply repeating it by themselves. Some repeaters have a wireless signal amplifier function to enhance your speed and achieve a few hundred metres of Wi-Fi coverage.

It can be tricky to find the best position for a repeater. It must be at a distance away from the router to significantly boost the range of Wi-Fi, without being too distant to receive enough speed.

WiFi repeaters are also fitted with functions to safeguard your connection and enable the transference of personal files without worrying about them falling into the wrong hands. Some repeaters use Wi-Fi Mesh technology, which optimises the capabilities of the router and enables the same network name throughout the building. Contact Whitestar Solutions for more advice about whether repeaters could be the best solution for you.


If the breadth of your walls or hallways does not permit the Wi-Fi signal to be broadcast from one room to another within your office, there is another solution in the form of CPL and CPL-Wi-Fi kits. These enable you to extend your network and receive an Internet connection via Wi-Fi from any wall socket in your electrical installation. This solution only works on a single electrical circuit.


If you are wondering how to improve wireless connectivity, upgrading the router is a straightforward solution. Depending on the age or generation of your router, the Wi-Fi protocol may be more or less effective. If your elderly Wi-Fi router, for example, is configured for connectivity at 300 or 400 Mbit / s, a fibre subscription with speeds of 1 Gbit / s will offer any advantage. The fibres in the box are too insignificant to be able to take advantage of the Internet speeds offered by the provider. Today, the number of connected devices has vastly grown encompassing computers, consoles, tablets and smartphones, and other Wi-Fi connected devices. Investing in a powerful Wi-Fi router is essential to avoid annoying drops in connectivity.

Here at Whitestar Solutions, we offer high-quality solutions to ensure a better connection for your business. When you choose Whitestar Solutions for your wireless network, you do not need to worry about this issue, we will consider everything in order to ensure you are presented with a high-quality outcome.

We provide a wide range of wireless networking solutions which start with a thorough and realistic survey of your workplace to provide you with a solid foundation on which to develop your Wi-Fi solution. This survey takes place so that our team of experts can compile a reliable, cost-effective, and secure solution to meet your requirements.