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Great communication is crucial for any business. It goes without saying that you need clear and frequent contact with your team to run a company with optimal efficiency, and we’ve never seen this demonstrated more than during the pandemic. 

Our only option was to meet virtually, and because of that there was a huge rise in the use of VoIP systems. 

It suited businesses so well that, even now, as the workforce begins to return to the office, remote working is still popular. 

Many industries experienced the benefits of VoIP in time for BT Openreach to announce that analogue telephone services will be switched off in 2025, meaning that all telephone systems will be replaced by IP services. 

It is now necessary for any business owner who wants to stay ahead to have a better understanding of VoIP and to make this progressive switch. 

We’ve put together a short guide to explain why you should consider installing a VoIP system for your business


VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a communication system that allows you to make a phone call through an internet connection, instead of through a traditional analogue landline.

While the outdated analogue systems rely on a complex network and physical lines, all that your VoIP system needs is a strong broadband connection and high standard cabling, to ensure that all phones connect to the router. 

Due to its success, the range of VoIP services now on offer is steadily growing. You may already be familiar with a whole host of VoIP services: 

  • Zoom
  • Ring Central
  • Google Meets
  • Microsoft Team 

So what is about this type of software that has driven so many businesses towards VoIP phone system installations?


Multitasking technology

VoIP is not limited to just voice calls. Its technology facilitates multitasking, allowing you to share multiple documents, videos and images on screen with employees and clients. This enables you to collaborate with your team, just as you would in a live conference. 

Group calls

With VoIP, you can hold an online meeting with as many members of your team as necessary. The beauty of VoIP is in its flexibility; you can hold quick, short meetings to touch base with your team, or hour long conferences with clients.


A large part of the appeal of using VoIP is portability. Whether you are in the office or away on business, you can link any member of the team into a meeting, at any time and any place – all you need is a supported device, and an internet connection. 

Low cost 

The cost of having high speed internet installed costs significantly less than a landline. 

By integrating VoIP into your daily processes, you can cut down on the amount of commuting, general travelling, and may even wish to downsize to a smaller office space that suits a hybrid workforce – all of which proactively cut your overheads.

Speed and ease of use 

In an era where time is money, you want a system that enables you to organise a meeting with your team in under a minute. All you need is one phone number and the right access and you can be connected instantly to your team.     

High sound quality

VoIP systems have come a long way since their early development, and while you may have traumatic flashbacks of crackly voices and frozen images of your team as your signal drops, modern tech means that you have to worry about this far less than you used to.

As long as you have a high speed, reliable internet connection, which is easy to obtain now with the right expertise, you’ll enjoy a smooth VoIP experience. 


While the needs of your business will be unique and complex, VoIP systems benefit a multitude of industries, from hospitality to ecommerce. This includes any organisation that:

  • Holds group calls
  • Regularly organises remote team meetings 
  • Has a large contingent of their team working from home
  • Regularly liaises with clients remotely. 
  • Has customer service at the core of their business
  • Has to communicate across various departments

It’s our experience that by implementing a VoIP system, you can improve your organisation’s efficiency and effectiveness across the board.


At Whitestar Solutions, we go above and beyond for our clients. Rely on our team to provide specialist services, from installing high speed internet cables that deliver exceptional internet performance, through to integrating functional, out-of-the-box VoIP systems, ready for you to use. 

If you need advice on setting up a VoIP system, or have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our dedicated and friendly VoIP experts.

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